Four Graveyards

“Box-text” descriptions to use in your tabletop RPG game.

Ruins  – Lush

The forest has nearly swallowed this forgotten cemetery, but here and there an obelisk  still stands clear of the vegetation. Trees crowd out the beds of graves and a brick pathway, almost overtaken by a sea of grass, meanders through the undergrowth.

Ruins – Classic

The gate to a once grand entrance creaks on rusted hinges. Statues of lions or, perhaps, eagles (the stone is too weathered to tell) watch atop the crumbling pillars. Just beyond the gate stands the ruins of the former greeting house. In fading paint, the word “Flowers” clings to the building like a ghost. The cemetery stretches to the horizon; a forest of towering obelisks and broken headstones.

New – Recent Catastrophe

A rotten stench hangs in the air. Teams of undertakers dressed in full-bodied cloaks cart wagon-loads of corpses to open pits for burial. Mourners violently cut their hair and throw it into the graves. Clouds of black flies assault the dead and living alike.

New  – Pristine

Even the birds sing in hushed tones in this serene graveyard. Ornate mausoleums surround a reflection pool where graceful black swans swim. Marble pathways run between walled family plots with polished statues displaying the families’ wealth. Stone veiled women weep atop many graves, while stone angels sing praises in others. A stone dog watches vigilantly near a small headstone.

A faint lights shines through one mausoleum’s window. A gleaming onyx statue of an angel with broken wings stands guard its yard.


The Beginning

I love Tabletop RPGs. I love playing in them. I love running them. But as fun as they are, so many games are filled with long pauses while GMs struggle to think what to do next. In this blog I hope to provide some interesting, fun and easy-to-use supplemental material to keep your story rolling. I write “box-text” descriptions for scenes, lines of dialogue for NPCs, and even whole adventures.