Four Towns

Box-text descriptions of four towns.

Town – Small – Rural

Amidst flat pastures and fields stands a small town surrounded by a slumping wall of dried logs.  A small drawbridge extends across a foul-smelling moat to the town’s only entrance.  Poorly-constructed wooden houses line the moat’s inner bank, serving as a kind of interior wall. Clothing lines drape from the houses to the outer wall.  Now and then a resident leans out a window and dumps the contents of a chamber pot into the stagnant water.

Town  – Recent Catastrophe (fire)

Black smoke still hangs in the air, but the fire has reduced most houses to smoldering ruins. Towns people rush to free survivors from the debris.  White cloths cover the dead, while the injured lie on stretchers, in too much pain to move. Some scream, while others mutter to themselves. One of the still-standing buildings sways with a horrible wrenching sound. People shout as the whole building crashes to the ground, burying whatever lay beneath it.

Town – Urban – Nautical

Giant mangrove trees anchor themselves in the brine along the coast. Their roots rise up high enough in the air to allow ships to pass underneath, and then plunge down deep into the muddy waters. Upon the land created by the tangled root system shacks cling. The middle-class’s dwellings lines the roots themselves, and in the upper branches, the well-to-do’s homes perch like over-sized bird nests.

Town – Industrial

Noxious fumes pollute the air around the town with a hazy smog. A merry stream skips toward the town from the surrounding meadow, only to be imprisoned by stone once inside. Workers dump the waste products from their various trades into the water, turning it into a sludgy stew. Most people wear cloths over their mouths to guard against directly inhaling the poisons, but many simply take the risk and wear nothing.


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