This week, the town of One-Eye, a penal colony at the edges of civilization. Although I wrote this for a fantasy, it was inspired by Jupiter’s Moon Titan and could easily be adjusted for a sci-fi campaign.


High noon; the sun barely visible as a tiny smudge through the tangerine clouds. A purple ship glides through a stinking sea toward a black shore. People stand ready to greet the ship, their pale skin giving them the appearance of ghosts waiting to greet comers to the underworld. And perhaps they are.

This the far-flung land of One-Eye, the penal, mining colony for all undesirables. Behind the greeters loom the caves formed by the acid snow that frequently falls onto the soft rocky terrain. The caves honeycomb the land – no one knows how deep they go. Melted snow and sea water collects in the caves, forming deep, dark lakes. At the bottom of the lakes rest valuable black sand, and it is this the miners must dive for. Miners go missing with such frequency that a short memorial service is held everyday. One bell tolled for each miner. Continue reading “One-Eye”


The Wandering Winter Forest

Today’s box-text is a mysterious winter forest. Sorry for the slow update, holidays always hit you fast. I will be trying to return to my normal once a week updates soon!


Cold, bright light dances through the snowy forest, and you have to squint your eyes to avoid being blinded. Icicles hang from the branches and shine with a false warmth, but the cold air bites at your face reminding you its a trick. The sounds of your breath and steps fight to overcome the silence which crowds in on you, but the snow muffles them. The snow is so deep you often look down at your feet concentrate on your steps, when you look up you swear the trees look different than they should. Sometimes they are enormous, pressing in on you. Sometimes they are slender saplings far apart.  You pass a tree with an unusual knot shaped like an exotic animal. You pass another tree with the same knot within ten minutes. Then another.

Ideas for the Winter Wandering Forest:

  • Time travel. The forest wanders through time, people in the forest may find themselves within any time of the forests existence. When you exit the forest, you exit at whatever time you are currently in the forest. This can be a great way to time travel, but very unpredictable.
  • The forest is sentient and moves around to get people lost.
  • It’s always winter in the forest, no matter what season it is elsewhere.
  • The knotted tree is the spirit of the forest.
  • The knotted tree is a stalking creature.