Attack of the Riftsquid!

Happy New Year! Today’s inspiration is an outline for a sci-fi one-shot adventure using the Dungeon World Front system. I plan on expanding this adventure into a full campaign, so check back!

The Triwip People knew their sun was dying. Knew they had to find a way to escape to a new planet if their species were to survive. So they built Deliverance, a massive self-sustaining spaceship that would use the force of the sun’s explosion to propel itself to a suitable planet in a nearby system. It worked. The sun exploded and they sailed its dying winds through the void of space. But then, in year ten of their fifty year voyage, an extra-dimensional space monster attacked. Materializing out of nothing, the Riftsquid latched onto the spaceship and punched its limbs right through the hull. It deposited into the ship gross creatures, writhing balls of tentacles and clashing teeth. While most of the crew joined in to fight the monsters, some did nothing and others even turned on fellow crew members. During the chaos, someone changed the course of the ship to a close, but hostile, planet. Unknown to anyone, safe within the bowls of the ship, cloaked by their natural rift biology, sat a clutch of Riftsquid eggs.

Danger: Ship Hit!

Type: Critical Condition

  1. Section D of the Spaceship loses oxygen
  2. The water tanks break.
  3. The electrical system fails
  4. All life support systems fail
  5. The engines fail

Impending Doom: Destruction. The ship is a useless hunk of metal unable to support life.

Danger: Squid Minions

Type: Hordes

  1. The Minions kill crew members
  2. The Minions mind control crew members

(1 and 2 can be repeated until the GM feels most or all crew is dead or mind controlled, except the PCs)

  1. The Minions seal access to the area the Riftsquid eggs are.
  2. The Minions seal access to the ship’s control room.

Impending Doom: Usurpation. Most or all of the crew is dead. The Squid Safeguarders control the ship and any survivors.


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