Riftsquid (adult)

This week I continue adding to the Attack of the Riftsquid! adventure with a monster stat block for none other than the Riftsquid itself. Enjoy!


“Sir! We’ve been hit! Something is on the ship!”

“By what? How? There’s nothing around us for 10 light years.”

“I don’t know, sir. One second our sensors show nothing around us, next second massive damage to the agriculture level. Whatever this thing is, it’s big and aggressive.”

Passing through extra-dimensional space with ease, the Riftsquid swims through the multi-verse searching for ships to crack and consume the people inside. The few who have survived its vicious attacks claim that it looks like an inside-out squid, with its internal organs constantly flitting into and out of view. It moves unpredictably, one minute it appears to come from one direction, the next from another, and the next, completely gone only to reappear again. The beast also uses ships to reproduce by laying its eggs inside along with Riftsquid Minions to protect them. The Minions, miniature versions of the Riftsquid itself with a limited brain, kill most of the crew and mind control the others. The zombie crew then flies the eggs to a safe planet for the eggs to hatch and the larvae to grow up. Many a daredevil has made it their goal to ride the Riftsquid as it tears through the fabric of space, but to date, none have succeeded.

Dungeon World Build:

Instinct: To devour, to spread lay its eggs


Solitary, Stealthy, Extra Dimensional

20 HP

Reach, lashing tentacles (d10+3)

Special Moves

  • Slip into or out of another dimension
  • Deposit its minions and lay eggs
  • Crack open a ship and consume the inside.

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