Campaign Front: Tearing Through Space

At the beginning of the year I brought you the Attack of the Riftsquid! Adventure Front, an outline for a single session of play. Today, I expand on that adventure front with the campaign front Tearing Through Space -an outline to use for a multi-session campaign. Since these are all ‘big dangers’ not every danger will come in play every session. Think of this outline as the Big Bads of a television show, the overarching dangers that may not always directly threaten the PCs, but tie together the Big Story.

The Triwip people hoped they could settle a new planet after their own had died in the explosion of its sun. But space is big and callous while habitable planets are small and fragile. Halfway through their voyage, a Riftsquid attacked the ship, the first of many pitfalls for the Triwips. Tears in space-time were forming dangerous zones of unpredictable chaos and were likely the source of the recent Riftsquid blight…along with other extra-dimensional threats. Even the Triwip people themselves stood divided on what the future should look like. An aggressive minority of Triwips  who called themselves The Apex saw the new settlement as a chance to perfect the race, to finally free it of undesirable things…and people.

Danger: Dimensional Tears

Type: Unpredictable zones

Impulse: To grow, to tear apart reality

  1. A new tear opens up
  2. Reality and time near the tear warps
  3. The tears spread
  4. The multi-verses collide to form one erratic universe

Impending Doom: Rampant Chaos. Time and space swirl and crash together, making distinctions between past, present, and future meaningless.

Danger: The Riftsquids

Type: Legendary Monster (see this post for monster stat block and more details)

Impulse: To populate the galaxy with its kind.

  1. A Riftsquid lays eggs on a ship.
  2. The eggs make it to a planet.
  3. The eggs hatch
  4. The larvae devour the planet.
  5. The mature Riftsquids continue the cycle

Impending Doom: Infestation. The galaxy is overrun with Riftsquids.

Danger: The Apex

Type: Ambitious Organization

Impulse: To ‘perfect’ the Triwip race.

  1. Gain popularity with an aggressive minority of the Triwip people
  2. An Apex candidate elected as president of Triwip peoples.
  3. Impose revisionist history
  4. Impose procreation standards
  5. Kill the undesirables and those who oppose them.

Impending Doom: Genocidal dystopia. The Apex completely controls Triwip culture and people. Anyone who opposes them is hunted down and killed.





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