The Order of the Stars

This week’s inspiration is based upon a session run by a friend using the Mutants & Masterminds system.


The Museum of Human History has recently acquired the complete collection of Pharaoh Cletokep, a newly discovered pharaoh of ancient Egypt. Famed archaeologist Eugene Bullstein found the tomb in the remote Sahara far beyond where people previously believed the ancients lived. Scholars believe the pharaoh may be the person referred to in later Egyptian writings as “the enemy” or “the blasphemer.” Unknown to anyone, the sarcophagus serves as a portal to a pocket dimension where the soul of the fallen Pharaoh and her army await the day they will rise again to bring about the Order of the Stars.


Inside the Museum

Hushed voices echo off the polished stone of the museum’s floors and walls. The museum boasts an impressive collection filled with dioramas, interactive displays and multi-media. The curators have even reconstructed rooms from long-gone periods down to pens on desks and tables set for tea. A gilded dog cage, its originally occupant dead for hundreds of years, still sits with pride alongside its dead king’s throne. But few patrons admire these impressive displays and instead flock to see the newly acquired Pharaoh Cletokep Collection.

The Egyptian section

Crowds of people peer through the display cases’ thick glass at the carefully labeled artifacts and sarcophagus. The cases and people fill room after room. School teachers attempt to quiet their charge of students while a curator lectures. In the last room, stone tiles cover the walls. Hieroglyphics and pictures coat each one so that the entire room appears as a giant storybook. Pharaoh Cletokep’s ebony sarcophagus dominates the center, its gold hieroglyphics shimmering as if just painted.

Inside the Portal

An ebony hallway stretches before you. The walls extend endlessly upward, but faint starlight shines down from somewhere far above. Passages branch off of the hallway, each one with more passages branching off of it and all identical. Shadows darker than even the ebony glint across the floors and walls.

Inside the Pharaoh’s Chamber

This room appears nearly identical to the display in the museum, but much bigger. The pictures on the stone wall now move and shout strange chants. In addition, all of the artifacts sealed behind glass in the museum litter the floors as though someone had taken the room and shaken it. Many are cracked and black shadows seep out of them, joining the ones which already roam the hallways. The lesser sarcophagus of the Pharaoh’s servants, advisers, guards, and lovers stand about the room with Cletopkep’s sarcophagus itself in the center. The hieroglyphics on all pulsate with the same rhythm of a heartbeat.


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