Adventure Setting: The Lonley Plane

Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned this blog! This week’s inspiration is inspired by the Elevator Game (a piece of urban folklore) – a mysterious plane where living beings cannot sense each other and mental demons haunt you. Enjoy!

I had heard that if you went into a room with only one door and shuttered windows there was a ritual you could perform to reach another plane. So last week Ryleela and I decided to try it and went down to that old storage hut. Closed the doors, opened the doors. Closed the windows, opened the windows. Each the set number of times. I didn’t think it would actually work, Ryleela was the one who believed. But then, I felt…well the only way to describe it is I felt alone. I looked around for Ryleela, but she wasn’t there anymore. I opened the door and it was the same world, but I was the only one there. Nothing made a sound, not birds, not the wind, not any workers singing from the fields. The silence roared in my ears. I walked around for a bit in the complete stillness until I came across the shadows. They didn’t behave like normal shadows, but moved on their own. Whenever they came near, my head would  pound and the feelings of being alone and forgotten dominated my thoughts. In a lucid moment, I ran back to the hut and began to perform the ritual in reverse. At one point the dust on the ground began spelling out a sentence “Are you there?” but at the same time it was done and the world returned. Ryleela wasn’t there either, though. I’ve been to the hut every day, but I fear the only way to save her will be to go back there.


Hidden under our own reality is the Lonely Plane. Only a few have succeeded in traveling there on purpose, the usual way to get there is by accident. Visitors to the realm will find a world tantamount to our own, except they are seemingly the only living or even once living being. It’s not that the other living visitors aren’t there, it’s simply that living visitors cannot sense or directly interact with each other, although they can indirectly interact through physical objects native to the plane. Mostly strange shadows inhabit the place, feeding off the negative emotions of anything living which crosses their path. Sentient light creatures, however, will provide protection and help living beings return to their own realm.

 Guide for running an adventure in this setting:

  • At the start of the adventure, the PCs are somehow thrown into the Lonely Plane. It will appear to each PC that they are alone.
  • The longer the PCs stay in the realm, the more shadow creatures will attack them and the more damage the creatures do.
  • Although the PCs can’t directly interact with each other (including sharing any items they brought into the plane with them), they can indirectly interact by moving objects in the plane. For instance, if they write a message on a sheet of paper belonging to the Lonely Plane, the other PCs will be able to see it.
  • To escape the Plane, the PCs have to work together to fight the shadows and find a way out.
  • If you want, the PCs can find light creatures representing positive emotions like Hope and Tranquility to help them escape and fight the shadows.



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