Ethan Electric’s Automotive Co.

This is an outline for an adventure set in a Super Hero World. I ran this using the Mutants & Masterminds system, but it can be used with any system. I am using the Dungeon World front system for this, which you can read about here


Zoom City’s car manufacturing industry has been in the dumps for the past several years. Factories closed down. Blocks abandoned. People jobless. But then, Ethan Electric’s appeared. It bought up all the old factories and started manufacturing sleek electric cars at a price every family could afford. They sold like ice cream on a summer day. Soon, Zoom City was back on top. Everyone had a job. Houses filled back up and neighborhoods expanded.

But Ethan Electric is after more than just being CEO of the biggest company in the country. He wants unbridled power and control. So, inside each car he has secretly installed weapons and a mind control device. Whenever he wants, he can flip a switch from his secret lair at the bottom of Grand Lake. A signal will then transmit to the HQ building in Zoom City where an immense beacon transmits the signal to every car. Any occupants in the car will then be compelled to do Ethan’s bidding and the car itself will transform into a weaponized battle vehicle. With this unwilling army, Ethan plots to stage a military coup against the government and become its King.


Ethan Electric: The charismatic owner of Ethan Electric, often  seen smiling out of billboards and TV sets in his signature sweater vest. The public praises him for his innovation and the number of jobs his new car factories provide. But underneath his gentle facade there lurks a sinister mind that plots to take over the country.

Penny Tales: Brilliant and still beautiful even her 70s, Penny Tales works for Ethan Electric’s and teaches Engineering at the City University. She believes she is working on military contracts and has no idea Ethan plans on using the weapons she’s developing to start a personal war.

Rachel Amar: Despite only being in her 30s, Rachel quickly rose in Ethan Electric’s from summer intern to Vice President. Some say that her success is not a result of her brilliance, but her affluent family’s ownership of the fast-food chain, Spicy Island. However, she’s actually the mastermind behind the mind control devices installed in all of EE’s cars. She also built and owns a suit of high-tech armor. She loves violence, but will always save her own skin over anyone or anything else.


  1. What is Rachel’s ultimate plan?
  2. What will Penny do if/when she learns Ethan’s true plans?
  3. How will the weaponized cars take over the country?
  4. What kind of weapons do the cars carry?


Ethan Electric (Supervillain)

Goal: To take over the government.

  1. Distribute his mind control cars to the masses (already partly done when adventure starts. This step can be repeated several times as more cars are sold).
  2. Remotely activate the cars/citizens at the right time and create an army.
  3. Stage a military coup.

Impending Doom: Tyranny. Ethan Electric is King.


Car Factory.

This is where EE manufactures is cars. Employees are ignorant of the mind control and weapons they install. In fact,  once an hour, a radio broadcast comes on that hypnotizes the employees so they do not remember the deadly installations.


Located in a beautiful building in Downtown Zoom City, this is where the administration of Ethan Electric’s takes place. Most of the building is full of normal office things, but the giant beacon on top stands ready to transmit mind control signals. Ethan has taken many security measures to ensure the beacon cannot be easily destroyed or tampered with.

Underwater Lab

This is where Ethan spends most of his time and where he can remotely oversee his mind controlled army. The Lab is located at the bottom of Grand Lake and about 3 miles off the coast from from Zoom City. Ethan usually travels here using his yacht which transforms into a submarine.




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