Ghost Origins

A good ghost has a good background, but it can be hard to think up a background on a spot. Here is a list of backgrounds to help.

The Lost Lover: A young woman who ran off away with a sailor, only to be sacrificed by the crew to appease the sea gods when a storm hit.

The Rising star and Fans: A famous singer and his audience who died in a theater fire.

The Time Traveler: A wizard who wanted revenge on his father, but accidentally went back too far and committed the murder before he had been conceived.

The Accidental Tourists: Sightseers who died when their touring carriage accidentally entered a desert pocket dimension with no way out.

The Informer: A barmaid who got caught buying illegal drugs. She became an undercover informer for the City Guard to avoid punishment, but the drug gang found out and had her executed.

The Tortured: Not even after they shoved needles up her toenails or held her over burning coals would she tell them where she had hidden the Book of the Moon.

The Lost: A party goer who got drunk, entered the catacombs on a dare, and never found her way back out.

The Falconer: A woman who trained and piloted giant falcons, but was eaten by her own Red Eye.

The Collector: An enthusiastic ancient Dwarven weaponry hobbyist who accidentally hit an unseen button while cleaning a particularly gruesome looking trap.

The Daredevil: A person who tried to walk across the Everlasting Whirlpool and fell.

The Wrongly Accused: A little girl who was accused of murder after being found at home holding a bloodied ax over the chopped up remains of her parents. She swore innocence, but was hung anyway.

The Outlaw: Part of a famous two person bandit team, at least until one member decided they wanted all the gold and murdered their accomplice.

The Tragic: A little boy whose mother drowned to hold him above the water during a flood, but still he didn’t reach land.

The Eternal Bather: A very fat person who got stuck in their bath while their servants were on holiday.

The Innocent: Babies who were killed at birth for being the wrong sex or deformed.

The Workers: Men and women who died horrifically during construction of either a needed structure (dam, defensive wall, aqueduct, etc.) or a ruler’s vanity project.

The Envied Sibling: A man killed by his identical twin sibling in order to steal his life.

The Alchemist: A brilliant inventor who discovered something amazing about alchemy, but died from some bad cheese before he could tell anyone.

The Lich: Determined to stick around even after undeath.

The Godfather: Head of a mafia done in by his second in command, now trying to start a mafia in the spirit world.


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