Random Vistanis

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been busy preparing for a Curse of Strahd campaign so I haven’t been posting here as much. Then I realized I should be sharing the resources I made! So here are some random Vistanis. They are grouped into family units/wagons. The point of these NPCs is to allow diversity without getting bogged down in details. Vistani tend to be Chaotic Neutral.

The Dalcas. Wagon is painted purple with green flowers.

  • Stanimir: 50 year old man with beard and light blue eyes. Father of Damia and Ratka. He works with Madam Eva to bring adventurers into Barovia, hoping they will somehow lift the Curse.
  • Damia: 18 year old woman with feathers braided in her hair. She does not know if she believes her father that one day adventurers will break the Curse. She is fond of birds and can sing to them. She and her brother don’t get along.
  • Ratka: 18 year old man and Damia’s twin. He has a pierced nose and dark, curly hair. He and his sister got along well until she told him she doesn’t believe the Curse can be lifted. He believes this to be blasphemy.
  • Rosa: 50 year old wife to Stanimir. Good cook. Daughter of Pyotr Sala. Recently, she’s been riding in her father’s wagon as he is very old and needs more help.

The Funars. Wagon is painted in dark pink and yellow stripes.

  • Bela: 26 year old woman. She is fat and loves jewelry. She even specializes in trading jewelry for the trope – usually setting up a small table when they are in lands outside Barovia. She and Lee got married at age 16 and have been in love ever since. They quickly (some say too quickly) had a baby.
  • Lee: 28 year old man. He is very skinny, hates exercise, and doesn’t even like wine. He is very kind, though, and attentive to his children. Sometimes other Vistanti secretly refer to this couple as “The Prats,” but neither Bela nor Lee know this.
  • Baby Karol: 6 month old boy, constantly drooling.
  • Tara: 10 year old girl. She doesn’t show much interest in jewelry making and instead plays the flute. She’s unusually good and often warms up crowds with her sweet music.

The Vasilles. Wagon is painted orange with blue doors and shutters.

  • Grigori: 40 year old, strapping man with lots of tattoos. He’s had many girlfriends, but never gotten married. Some say it’s because no woman’s cooking has ever lived up to his mother’s, but really, he fears commitment. So he continues to live with his mother and brother. He and his brother are good actors. He usually gets cast as he villain.
  • Stefan: 35 year old man with a very long beard. He never got over his first love who cheated on him, and so he continues to live with his brother and mother. He loves apples and seeks them out whenever he can. He is in line with Strahd and will spy on the PCs for him. He use to get cast in plays as the handsome prince, but is getting too old for that now.
  • Ursula: 60 year old woman. Mother to Grigori and Stefan. Her husband died many years ago, but secretly she was glad because he became cruel in his later years. She doesn’t mind her boys living with her because otherwise she would lonely, but she also wishes they would grow up a bit. She enjoys reading romantic tales, but they are hard to find.

The Ig’ars Wagon is painted with children’s drawings.

  • Eliza: 40 year old woman with dark hair and green eyes. She doesn’t feel comfortable until she has her “face” on and spends 1 hour getting ready everyday. She loves children and especially loves bossing them around.
  • Iosif: Eiliza’s husband. 43 year old man with golden hair. He plays the lute and usually plays the trickster in plays. He also loves children and loves taking them on adventures.
  • Sofya: 15 year old sullen teen girl with golden hair and green eyes. She spends a lot of time in the wagon writing poetry. She believes she one day be a published poet. She keeps trying to convince her parents to let her do try her new idea of “spoken word poetry,” at a show, but so far they refuse. She is considering spying for Strahd.
  • Nicu: 13 year old boy with dark hair. He follows his father everywhere and is learning the lute from him. He dreams to one day play the part of the trickster like his dad.
  • Simione: 8 year old boy with red hair. He loves dancing and will rush out of the wagon no matter the hour if he hears people playing music to dance.
  • Lil’ Rosie: 5 year old girl. She is always excited and, oddly, likes Sofya reading her poetry to her – if she can convince her, too. Eliza and Iosif had a hard time getting her to sit still to learn her letters and numbers.

The Balans. Wagon is painted brown with light blue butterflies.

  • Nicolize: 22 year old man, newlywed to Ana. He always wears a red vest with many pockets filled with random things. He is good at getting deals and drives a hard bargain. As a result, he and Ana have more money than most Vistani wagons. They mainly use their money to buy lots of trinkets, fine bedding, and fine food.
  • Ana: 24 year old wife to Nicolize. She is 5 months pregnant and spends a lot of free time getting ready for the baby. Due to Nicolize, she doesn’t have to make much (he bought it all), but she does believe all children’s toys should be handmade. So she’s set to work whittling toys.

The Salas. Wagon is painted a deep red, but is peeling off.

  • Pyotr: 85 year old man. He is Rosa’s father and Youri’s grandfather. He loves pickles and keeps jars hidden throughout his wagon, least someone else eat them. In his younger days, he was a great actor and musician. Sometime he’ll sill act if there’s a need for “Wise Old Man,” but mainly he sits in the audience instead.
  • Youri: 40 year old widower. His husband died from illness last year. They didn’t have any children. After his death, he moved in with his grandfather, Pyotr. He plays the drum, although not with the spirit he use to. He is one of Strahd’s spies.

The Albescus. Wagon is painted turquoise with gold and pink diamonds.

  • Yvonne: A 30 year old red-haired woman. She likes to knit and sew and makes unique outfits she tries to sell, but she gets few buyers. No one has the heart to tell her she’s not very good and color blind. Ric is her biological son, who she had after a one-night stand in a random town (not in Barovia). She and Papusa have been married 5 years.
  • Papusa: Wife to Yvonne. She dutifully wears all of Yvonne’s ugly knit stuff, although she may be color blind, too. She loves summer and hates spending time in Barovia, but takes it as part of being a Vistani.
  • Ric: 12 year old son. He reads anything he can find, and Yvonne goes to length to find things for him. He is especially obsessed with alchemy and hopes to one day become an alchemist, even if it means not being a Vistani anymore.
  • Isabela: 7 year old daughter. She was adopted at age 4 by Yvonne and Papusa after her parents disappeared into the woods and never came back. She is always sneezing and constantly carries around a unicorn doll whose horn has fallen off. She is afraid of the dark, so Papusa bought her a glowing crystal night light.




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