Warrior Arena: Rivals and Allies

And for the final post in my Warrior Arena downtime activities, suggested rivals and allies.

Possible Rivals

  • Simon the Lucky (Lvl 10 rogue/m/human/24 years old/Veteran) is light on his feet and quick with a knife, but rumors haunt him that he doesn’t exactly fight fair.
    • Goal: To win by any means necessary.
    • Assets: Simon owns a few (unsanctioned) items he uses to give himself an edge in fights, including a poisoned dagger and boots with hidden blades.
    • Actions: Simon doesn’t like risk, and so he makes his own luck. He will cheat in the ring (and out of it) to win. Nothing is too low for him, from bribing judges to slipping weakening potions into opponent’s drinks.
  • Ginnie Goldflower (Lvl 3 cleric/f/human/19/unranked) is Mama Martha’s pacifist daughter. She is morally opposed to fighting and blood sports, and often sits outside protesting the event. Sometimes she is alone, sometimes others join her.
    • Goal: To shut down the arena
    • Assets:  Lots of time.
    • Actions:  In addition to protesting fights, Ginnie tries to take down advertising posters and hounds the more well-known fighters in the taverns.

Possible Allies

  • Mama Martha (noble/f/human/60/unranked) owns and runs the Arena. Despite being 5 foot nothing and all skin and bones, she commands respect.
    • Goal: To run the best, most profitable Fighting Arena in the country
    • Assets: The arena, and all the wealth she’s accumulated from running it for decades.
    • Actions: Martha won’t take much notice of a player character until they start to climb up the ranks, and then she will pay attention to them if she thinks they will draw a bigger audience. She doesn’t care if people come to watch a charismatic fighter win or watch a hated fighter lose, she just wants butts in the seats.
  • Bonebreaker the Ugly (knight/m/half-orc/20/Warrior) is an unusually large, unusually ugly half-orc who has found his niche in the Arena. He loves the roar of the crowd and finally feels accepted.
    • Goal: To become the public face of the Fighting Arena
    •  Assets: Muscle and a devoted fan base, but underneath it all, a soft heart.
    • Actions: Bonebreaker will initially see the player character as another rival to beat, but if the player puts on a good show for the crowds, Bonebreaker will try to win their favor. Conversely, something might happen which causes him to want to take the player under his wing. Either way, Bonebreaker will likely want to work with the player character to win more fans – perhaps though a faux rivalry in the arena, a gimmick, or some other method.


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