Prompt for a One-Shot Adventure: The Gargoyle Ergithia

Below is a short prompt to help you think of a short adventure (or maybe part of a longer campaign). It can be used in in any system. I am also writing a more complete adventure using the Dungeon World system that will use this prompt. Enjoy!

The Gargoyle Ergithia stalked cemeteries  for centuries, devouring unsuspecting mourners.  Like all gargoyles, over the years,  her form slowly adapted to blend into her new surroundings. It turned from a winged demon to a weathered statue of a beautiful veiled woman. Sometimes she would lay on a crypt like a bereaved lover. Other times she would sit in front of a gravestone, looking heavenward with her hands clasped in prayer. She’d delight in assuming these positions until moss covered her and locals couldn’t remember the statue not existing. Then she would wait until a particularly big  or particularly sad funeral (children’s deaths being her favorite) and massacre everyone. But after these satisfying blood baths, she would be forced to move on to a new graveyard or fall prey to village mobs. Each person she killed, she would take some small trinket from them (the more personal, the better) and add it to the growing collection that she kept in first graveyard she ever stalked.

One year when she returned to the site, she found a group of goblins had taken up residence. Enraged, she killed a few before deciding to use them to her advantage. Under threats of death, she played a cruel game with them. Each night, they had to either lure someone nearby for her to kill or bring her “something pretty.”