Ethan Electric’s Automotive Co.

This is an outline for an adventure set in a Super Hero World. I ran this using the Mutants & Masterminds system, but it can be used with any system. I am using the Dungeon World front system for this, which you can read about here


Zoom City’s car manufacturing industry has been in the dumps for the past several years. Factories closed down. Blocks abandoned. People jobless. But then, Ethan Electric’s appeared. It bought up all the old factories and started manufacturing sleek electric cars at a price every family could afford. They sold like ice cream on a summer day. Soon, Zoom City was back on top. Everyone had a job. Houses filled back up and neighborhoods expanded.

But Ethan Electric is after more than just being CEO of the biggest company in the country. He wants unbridled power and control. So, inside each car he has secretly installed weapons and a mind control device. Whenever he wants, he can flip a switch from his secret lair at the bottom of Grand Lake. A signal will then transmit to the HQ building in Zoom City where an immense beacon transmits the signal to every car. Any occupants in the car will then be compelled to do Ethan’s bidding and the car itself will transform into a weaponized battle vehicle. With this unwilling army, Ethan plots to stage a military coup against the government and become its King. Continue reading “Ethan Electric’s Automotive Co.”


Campaign Front: Tearing Through Space

At the beginning of the year I brought you the Attack of the Riftsquid! Adventure Front, an outline for a single session of play. Today, I expand on that adventure front with the campaign front Tearing Through Space -an outline to use for a multi-session campaign. Since these are all ‘big dangers’ not every danger will come in play every session. Think of this outline as the Big Bads of a television show, the overarching dangers that may not always directly threaten the PCs, but tie together the Big Story.

The Triwip people hoped they could settle a new planet after their own had died in the explosion of its sun. But space is big and callous while habitable planets are small and fragile. Halfway through their voyage, a Riftsquid attacked the ship, the first of many pitfalls for the Triwips. Tears in space-time were forming dangerous zones of unpredictable chaos and were likely the source of the recent Riftsquid blight…along with other extra-dimensional threats. Even the Triwip people themselves stood divided on what the future should look like. An aggressive minority of Triwips  who called themselves The Apex saw the new settlement as a chance to perfect the race, to finally free it of undesirable things…and people.

Danger: Dimensional Tears

Type: Unpredictable zones

Impulse: To grow, to tear apart reality

  1. A new tear opens up
  2. Reality and time near the tear warps
  3. The tears spread
  4. The multi-verses collide to form one erratic universe

Impending Doom: Rampant Chaos. Time and space swirl and crash together, making distinctions between past, present, and future meaningless. Continue reading “Campaign Front: Tearing Through Space”

Attack of the Riftsquid!

Happy New Year! Today’s inspiration is an outline for a sci-fi one-shot adventure using the Dungeon World Front system. I plan on expanding this adventure into a full campaign, so check back!

The Triwip People knew their sun was dying. Knew they had to find a way to escape to a new planet if their species were to survive. So they built Deliverance, a massive self-sustaining spaceship that would use the force of the sun’s explosion to propel itself to a suitable planet in a nearby system. It worked. The sun exploded and they sailed its dying winds through the void of space. But then, in year ten of their fifty year voyage, an extra-dimensional space monster attacked. Materializing out of nothing, the Riftsquid latched onto the spaceship and punched its limbs right through the hull. It deposited into the ship gross creatures, writhing balls of tentacles and clashing teeth. While most of the crew joined in to fight the monsters, some did nothing and others even turned on fellow crew members. During the chaos, someone changed the course of the ship to a close, but hostile, planet. Unknown to anyone, safe within the bowls of the ship, cloaked by their natural rift biology, sat a clutch of Riftsquid eggs. Continue reading “Attack of the Riftsquid!”

Adventure Front: The Hollow Manuscript

Another Adventure Front using the Dungeon World system! I do not plan on making this into a detailed adventure as I did for The Crystal Dust Road, but I did test-run this and it was a lot of fun! My party ended up dramatically disrupting the Book Thieves’ Auction and then fighting Prof. Werther in an undersea bunker.


Merlin University dwarfs all other magical libraries. Its vasts collection spans four ground structures, two floating ‘sky’ buildings, and one underground cavern. The library’s collection includes everything from the extremely popular “The Children’s Big Book of Common Beasts” to the mysterious Hollow Manuscript. Many books can be checked out by the public, but many more due to their rarity, danger or both are kept locked under layers of protective spells, enchantments and trustworthy stone and iron. These require special permission to view.

Recently, though, books have started to vanish and more than books; nothing with words upon it is safe. Journals disappear from satchels, newspapers from patrons’ hands, even call slips. Luckily, so far only reading material located within the public area of the library has vanished.

Continue reading “Adventure Front: The Hollow Manuscript”

Adventure Fronts: The Crystal Dust Road

This is a short adventure outline using the front system from Dungeon World. If you have are not familiar with Dungeon World’s front system, you can read about it here. Basically, this is a road-map for the GM of what will happen if the PCs do nothing. It also provides a quick reference for the adventure’s main villains, their motivations, and their goals. You can use this outline to run a Dungeon World adventure or as a guide to create an adventure for any system. These fronts are part of the adventure I started in this post.


In the middle of the desert stands the surprisingly large town of Stone Fort. Surprising, that is, unless you know that Stone Fort also sits on the cross roads of the Crystal Dust Trade route. Recently, caravans have started to mysteriously disappear nearby. The Merchant’s Guild has put out a substantial reward for anyone who can discover what is happening to them.

Estimated Runtime: 1-2 sessions of 3-4 hours.

Front: Stone Fort

Description: Crystal Dust, the flour of magic, needed by almost every magic-user, grew best far in the North. Mithril steel, the strongest and lightest of all steels, formed in the mountains of the South. Naturally, a trade route developed between the two, carrying valuable Dust to the South and steel to the North.

The Merchant’s Guild controls most of the Crystal Dust trade. The members receive the first pick of the goods, own the best shops in trade towns, and set the price for the Dust. But the Guild is not content being just the biggest game in town, it wants to be the only. To that the end, the Guild, plans to extend its control to the caravans which carry the Dust along the route.

For years, Rydar has worked in the Merchant Guild main office as its head secretary. The lengths the Guild has gone to maintain its tight control over the Crystal Dust trade has disgusted him. So, on the side, he has begun to experiment to find something that will replace crystal dust.

Main Caste:

  • Agatha Confeller. The Merchant Guild Captain
  • Rydarcargemurlite (Rydar for short). A gnome inventor and current, disgruntled employee for the Merchant Guild.

Danger: The Merchant Guild (ambitious organization)

Impulse: To monopolize the crystal dust trade

  1. Caravan and competitors leaders identified
  2. Competitors stopped from traveling the road.
  3. All buyers of crystal dust forced into compliance with the Guild

Impending Doom: Usurpation. The Merchant’s Guild is now the only way to get crystal dust.

Danger: New! Magic (arcane enemy)

Impulse: To supplant crystal dust market with his own invention.

  1. Rydar, an enterprising gnome, begins looking for a way to make crystal dust obsolete.
  2. Rydar gathers a team.
  3. The team invents/discovers a way to make crystal dust obsolete.
  4. The team begins distributing their method and/or new product.
  5. The team organizes its own guild.

Impending Doom: Impoverishment. The entire Crystal Dust Road economy is shot.

Front: The Forgotten Graveyard

Description: See this post.

Main Caste:

  • Ergithia, an ancient gargoyle in the shape of a veiled woman, she stalks graveyards, kills for fun, and collects morbid tokens from her victims.
  • Tribley: One of the captured goblins and an amateur alchemist.

Danger: Ergithia (arcane enemy)

Impulse: To delight in cruelty, to increase her collection

  1. Desires a new addition to her collection.
  2. Builds her army
  3. Marches to find the addition
  4. Finds and obtains the addition.
  5. Harnesses the power of her new collection and army

Impending Doom: Tyranny. Ergithia takes over Stone Fort and enslaves the city.

Danger: The Imprisoned Goblins (hordes)

Impulse: To survive by any means necessary, to fulfill their own hedonistic desires.

  1. The goblins choose a leader
  2. The leader organizes a mutiny against Ergithia
  3. The goblins mutiny and attempt to kill (or at least escape) the Ergithia.

Impending Doom: Anarchy. If the goblins can free themselves, they plunder and pillage anything they can


  1. Who will be the goblin leader?
  2. What does Ergithia desire?
  3. How does the merchant guild control the competitors?
  4. Why is crystal dust so important?
  5. What has the gnome invented?
  6. Who is on Rydar’s team?

Continue the story in Part 2