Warrior Arena: Fight and Complication Table

Post two in my downtime activities, Warrior Arena series. This table is for players to roll on to see how well their character did in the fights for a DM-determined amount of time. I’ve also added complications that can be rolled for whenever the DM feels is a good time. Complications can be used to add a bit more variety and fun to downtime activities, but without taking too much extra table time, or you can use them as a jump off for a full adventure:


Warrior Arena Fight Table

Size of Crowds (d6)→

Fights Won (d100) ↓

Small (1) Medium (2-3) Large (4-5) Gigantic (6)
None (1-5) 0 0 0 0
Handful (6-15) 1 2 3 4
Fair Amount (16-35) 4 8 12 16
Half (36 – 65) 10 20 30 40
Most (66 – 85) 15 30 45 60
Almost all (86 – 95) 20 40 60 80
All (96 – 100) 25 50 75 100

* Note: Sum of rolls over 100 grants 1 instant renown

Multiple earnings by level (Example, level 5 character would earn 500 gold for winning all fights in front of a gigantic crowd). Gold earned represents one week of participating in arena shows everyday.


(roll for 10% chance anytime DM believes appropriate, such as anytime player rolls on the fight table or for every 10 days they hang out at the arena)

D6 Complication
1* You are accused of cheating. You can decide if you actually did or not.
2* You’re asked to take a fall for a price
3* A rival fighter vows to take revenge on you
4 A fan becomes obsessed with you
5* You discover someone is taking an unfair cut of the winnings
6 A noble approaches you with an offer to hire you as bodyguard for himself or as muscle at an event.

* May involve a rival or ally


Warrior Arena: Rank Table

This is another post in my downtime activities series. Previously, I had done a series of post on a mages’ guild (herehere, and here). This time, I offer Warrior Arena. Post one here is the Rank Table.


Warrior Arena Rank Table

Rank Renown Privileges
Fresh Meat 1 Renown, 14 Strength or Dexterity, and 12 Constitution Fight in the pre-shows
Green Horn 3 Fight in the main arena
Warrior 10 X2 multiplier on winnings, and you will start to be recognized outside the ring, occasionally strangers will offer to pay your tab, or give you nominal gifts
Veteran 25 + 1,000 gold bond (for resurrection) X3 multiplier on winnings, you have a special arena name and audience cheer, and you have a fan base who will send you regular gifts or offers.
Champion 50 X4 multiplier on winnings, and you are always the main event, you can barely walk down the street without fans asking for autographs, inns might give you free lodging or food just so they can say you were there, don’t be surprised if weapon makers approach you to be the poster-child for their newest weapons.